BigRing, BananaSeat, LittleRing, and Nash went to Sedona to see what all the fuss is about and learned some valuable lessons about proper trail planning.


Sedona had trails ranging from beginner to insane and there is more than enough there to keep the milage hounds satiated. The most impressive thing about the trails network in Sedona is the availability of updated, GPS’d mapping and the interconnectivity of the many pockets, or sections, of trail.  We would set out to ride one trail and soon enough would hit a well-signed intersection with a connector to a whole seperate pocket of trails. Amazing.

Short video sample of sweet Sedona singletrack

Our favorite was the smooth, flowing singletrack that we seemed to find unexpectedly and always after punishing ourselves on rocky climbs.

We learned so much about how we could potentially handle trails in the Groveland area. We have plans to develop at least 4 separate areas in the near future and we’re starting to see how we can maximize the riding experience of those who visit us by linking trail areas together and by providing excellent, up to date mapping.


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