On June 9, 2018, the Groveland Trail Heads mountain biking club debuts its first fundraising cycling event: an adventure ride on mixed terrain (pavement, broken asphalt/pavement, hard packed dirt and gravel) in the majestic Stanislaus National Forest. There will also be a river crossing toward beginning and finish! Riders may have to get off their bikes to cross this river unless the river is too deep to easily cross by foot. If so, we’ll have a safe temporary “bridge” for the crossings. We have three routes to choose from for cyclists of all skill levels in good physical condition. All three routes are truly unique as they are very close to the border of Yosemite National Park and some sections are on the original road and railroad to Yosemite!

We’re doing this first fundraiser ride for two trail projects that will be starting soon in Groveland: The Ferretti Non Motorized Trail System (Stanislaus National Forest, Groveland Ranger District) — mtn bike only and multi use; and Long Gulch Ranch (Mother Lode Land Trust) — multi use. Both trail projects will be connected.


You must be in good physical condition for all routes.
There will be 3 aid stations with a first aid volunteer at each aid station, medical station, route marshals and motorized transportation if needed.
These are partial maps of the routes. The routes are NOT out and back although they appear so on the maps linked below. There are 2 sections that require permits and written permission for access. Permits have been approved for this event date only so those sections cannot be disclosed prior to registration. Participants will be sent the entire route in a timely manner before the event. Start and Finish are at the same location.