GROVELAND TRAIL HEADS is a non-profit educational association whose mission is to create, enhance and preserve great trail experiences for users while promoting the local commerce and communities in and around Tuolumne County, California. The Groveland Trail Heads seek to preserve, protect and promote mountain bike access to diverse and sustainable riding opportunities throughout Tuolumne County’s public and private lands as well as in neighboring counties.


We aim to improve the lives of everyone in our regional communities through a collaborative approach to the conscientious development of trail recreation. We are a mountain bike club who is working toward advocating for the diversification and accessibility of trail recreation for all user groups.
Our long term goals include: improving the strength of our communities through stewardship and volunteerism, providing access to outdoor recreation to area youth, creating a multi-use and designated-use regional trail system that satisfies the needs of all user groups and ability levels.


ARIEL GALOS (BananaSeat) |Chair

I am a dedicated member of my community and want to see our local economy imporve so that all who depend on it can thrive and prosper.
I am a Graphic Designer and live in Groveland, CA with my family.
I feel fortunate to live in this beautiful area where opportunities for outdoor recreation abound and am lucky to be able to work on behalf of visitors and locals in order to improve responsible access to the forest that surrounds us.

DWIGHT FOLLIEN (DangerBoy) |Co-Chair

My professional background is over 30 years of Sales, mostly advertising, with some Marketing. As a result I found I have a skill for developing and maintaining long term business relationships. Now I’m living my passion, advocating for the development of recreational trail systems, trail tourism. Riding a mountain bike has changed my life…

JUSTIN NASH (Heartbreaker) |Treasurer

No bio yet…

RYAN BYRNES (Kickstand) |Secretary

Ryan Bynres (AKA Kickstand) is a founding member of GTH. Ryan got his start in Groveland, CA as a biological field technician for the US Forest Service, Groveland Ranger Station working with great grey owls. After eight seasons in the Sierra, he now works as a Wildlife Biologist and Assistant Project Manager for Swaim Biological Inc. Ryan serves on the GTH board as an environmental compliance specialist and general secretary and record keeper. Quick to a joke, and always ready with board meeting mimosas, Ryan, like all of our board members, enjoys working with our Groveland community to further our recreation potential. What Ryan lacks in mountain biking ability, he makes up in good looks (see photo).

KEVN GALOS (BigRing) |Affiliate Liaison

No bio yet…

BOB BONOMO (TBD) |Membership & Outreach

Bob has been part of Groveland Trailheads since 2015, and addicted to the sport of mountain biking since the mid-90’s. Currently, Bob manages outreach communications for Groveland Trailheads. When he’s not riding his bike, you can find him spending time with his family.

TOM WALKER (Dilbert) |Development

Tom Walker is a Professional Civil Engineer who lives and plays in Groveland, CA. Along with his wife and three boys, Tom spends his free time hiking, fishing, and cycling in and around Yosemite National Park and the Stanislaus National Forest.


County Liaison

USFS Liaison