Mountain Bike Destination- Groveland

Here’s an update on our Big Project…We’re in the process of finalizing the conceptual trails plan, making sure it says exactly what we need it to say. This is super important as we’ll use this plan to generate funding for the project. It’s a multi page document which details why Groveland is a perfect location for an IMBA/Trail Solutions Ride Center or Mountain Bike Destination :)

The actual trails map designed by Trail Solutions for this project has just under 24 miles of singletrack to start with!!!! We have everything from beginner/family friendly trails to super bitchin’ fun advanced trails ;) It is truly an awesome design with room to add more trails in the future!

After submitting the trails map design to Red Tape at the Groveland District Ranger office Banana Seat, Big Ring, Lil’ Ring and I(DangerBoy) met with Red Tape after he had time to look the trails map design over. Red Tape likes the trails map Trail Solutions designed!!! Now more detailed info will be sent to Red Tape so he will be able to send the detailed info to the “ologists” who will complete the environmental process(NEPA). There is a chance this may be completed by the end of Fall this year… sweet!!!!

There is more stuff we’ll be posting in the next few days but wanted you all to know what we’ve been doing to make the “dream” come true!

OK, last thing for this post- wanted to say a big, huge “thank you” to those who have joined the Groveland Trail Heads! You all are awesome and want you all to feel free to contact us… we’re still learning as we grow but don’t want any Groveland Trail Head to feel ignored… If you’re in Groveland or somewhere close and want to ride please let us know-


Recon mission: Santa Cruz

Blair Witch trail in Santa Cruz
Blair Witch trail in Santa Cruz
Riding The Maze in Santa Cruz
Riding The Maze in Santa Cruz
At the famous Tanks in Santa Cruz
At the famous Tanks in Santa Cruz
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Emma MCcrary Trail

Had some fun in Santa Cruz a couple weeks ago on a real short visit. I lived there for 12 years so it was nice to go back. I did get a nice ride in with some of my bestest friends

We started on the Emma McCrary trail and that trail is a piece of art… go ride it. I was lucky to have been part of the initial crew that walked the area and flagged sections. To see this trail now is amazing, Drew Perkins is the person who made that trail what it is and I tried to be a sponge while volunteering with him on that project.

After Emma MCcrary it was the climb up UConn to the sign then Blair Witch to The Maze. I love these unofficial trail names! Thru the Maze to the Hippie Dome then back on The Maze to the Tanks then Pipeline to 420 and out to the Playground then back the way we came.

Super fun day with super awesome friends!!! 3 of us on cx bikes- you don’t need no suspension brah!


We’ve been remiss in our updates! A few weeks ago, IMBA’s Trail Solutions sent Shane Wilson out to scope out the 500 acre parcel we’re planning to develop for mountain bike use.

We spent several days hiking the entire acreage and discussing the types of trails that will best suit the topography and soil conditions.

We’re awaiting the finished proposal with the trail designs but Shane estimates we’ll be able to create between 15 and 19 miles of single track in this area alone.

While we were hiking, we got to take full advantage of the gorgeous views we got from the tops of the hills and ridges in the area. The trails will top out on these spots and will offer nice views of the foothills and the sierra and will provide mileage and terrain for all ability levels.

Part of the proposed plan will include a beginner or kid-specific skills area as well as trails that will be rated from beginner to advanced with plenty of climbing, descending, and flowing.

Publicity at Sea Otter

A friend of ours sent us this photo of a poster at Sea Otter Classic. Here’s what it says under “Groveland Trail Heads” on the map:

“GROVELAND TRAIL SYSTEM: IMBA’s Chapter, the Groveland Trail Heads, is leading the way in the development of a mojor trail system for mountain bikers on the outskirts of Yosemite National Park in the Stanislaus Forest. This is the first step in creating a destination riding area for the millions of people who pass through the gateway community of Groveland on their way to Yosemite.

Yep. That pretty much sums it up.


Pine Mountain Lake is a gated community inside of Groveland, CA. In a recent survey PML gave to homeowners, they found that 72% wanted more and better access to trails in the area. There are units of land inside of PML that total around 725+ acres and that are well-suited to building excellent flow and X-C trails.

We present our proposal on Saturday, March 15th at 9am at the PML Board Meeting.


It’s been quiet but that’s about to change… Ever since our mountain bike club started we have had a goal of making Groveland a Mountain Bike Destination. There are so many who will benefit from this endeavor… local businesses, the community as a whole and our youths. Becoming a Chapter of IMBA was one of the first steps. Now we have contracted IMBA’s world renown Trail Solutions to get this party started :) Here is Trail Solutions concept and the first phase of this project to make Groveland a true Mountain Bike Destination…

“Trail Solutions will explore and document the opportunities to develop a destination-quality trail system on the approximately 500 acre parcel identified near Groveland, CA. We are excited about this exceptional opportunity and the positive impact it will have both for residents of Groveland and for visitors to the Yosemite Valley region. Trail Solutions anticipates scheduling this work while the conditions are conducive to field work in Winter/Spring 2014.

Project Approach
Groveland California is the gateway to Yosemite Valley. Located approximately 120 miles east of the San Francisco Bay area and minutes from the west gate to Yosemite Valley National Park, tourism dominates the local economy. While the surroundings contain ideal terrain and landscapes to host natural surface trails, existing opportunities are scant; a network of old roads and a few user built trails form a modest trail system. Developing a destination trails concept plan for the Groveland will provide a strategy for creating new trails and other support infrastructure such as trailheads. Just as important, the planning process will serve to gain stakeholder buy-in from citizens and public land management agencies, resulting in a vision that has the necessary support to advance. Trail plans are also typically necessary to advance grant requests to fund the implementation phase. The plan will consider a wide range of mountain bicycling experiences in order to appeal to a broad user base. Family-friendly rides, classic singletrack, and flow trails; all centered on the identified area of interest near Groveland, will provide innovative riding opportunities to ensure the town’s relevance to current and future riders. The value of this process goes beyond the creation of new trails: the plan, if realized, will serve to stimulate the tourism economy of Groveland by encouraging riders to use the town as the hub for their single- and multi-day excursions. Hotels, restaurants, bike shops, and guide services will all benefit from the increased visitation. It is for these reasons that we propose the creation of a destination trails concept plan for the 500 acre parcel. Starting from scratch also provides the opportunity to create a more diverse trail system that features paths appealing to novice enthusiasts and the most skilled fit experienced trail users.”

Wow, this is exciting! But there is more…

We have also been discussing developing Biking/Hiking/Running trails in 3 areas totaling 736 acres with Pine Mountain Lake. The Pine Mountain Lake Association will be discussing their trails plan with IMBA’s Trail Solutions as well. We’re going to have an outdoor recreation mecca when this is all completed!

All of this has been a lot of work but the Groveland Trail Heads know how to roll up our sleeves and get it done ;) We are working on proposal letters for fund raising and grant applications currently. We just completed and submitted an application for the “Bell Built Grant”, you’ll be hearing more about this. Any ideas or donations would be helpful at this point, also contact us if you have any questions. If you live here or are coming to visit let us know and we could show you some fun stuff to ride that is already here, guaranteed amazing views :)

All about mtn bike trails,

Dwight “DangerBoy” Follien
Groveland Trail Heads- Chairman


We’re a small group of mountain bike enthusiasts who live in Groveland, CA, just outside of Yosemite National Park. We’re surrounded by the Stanislaus National Forest, home of incredible mountain terrain and scenic rivers. Yet, we all leave home when we want to seek out singletrack.

Being that Groveland is a waypoint for folks heading to Yosemite, our town sees millions of tourists driving down main street each year, mostly in the Summer months. A few stay, but not enough to keep our local economy afloat year-round. We’ve seen high turn-over in the small businesses that attempt to set down roots here; the winter just isn’t enough to support the lives of many of Groveland’s small business owners.

We see the potential here in Groveland. We have 300 days of sunshine and weather that facilitates outdoor activities year round. We’re surrounded by terrain ideal for mountain biking and we believe that our town can live up to its economic potential.

In 2013, we came together to found Groveland Trail Heads and now, one year later, we have established a partnership with the US Forest Service and have secured over 500 acres of land to start building our dream. Our goal is to build world-class singletrack, to reach out to those in our community who want to learn about sustainable recreation in our forest, and to enrich the lives of everyone who depends on our local economy.

Join us, and help make this a reality. You can become a member and get your hands dirty with us as we dream up and create sweet singletrack, or, make a donation and become a crucial player in this community venture. There are many benefits to both membership and donation find out the details by clicking the buttons below.

We are the Bomb ;)

We’re da bomb!


It’s official, Groveland Trail Heads is now a bona-fide chapter of IMBA.

What does this mean?

Basically, it means that we can draw on IMBA’s many miles of successful, sustainable, trail-building experience so that what we end up with in Groveland is every bit as worthy as any trail you’ll ride in Moab (minus the slickrock), Tahoe or Fruita.

We’ll also be able to tap into IMBA’s resources for grant-based funding as well as their marketing campaigns so that what we’re doing here doesn’t just stop here.

IMBA will also be helping us with our membership acquisition so, if you become a member of Groveland Trail Heads, you’ll also be a member of IMBA automatically.