Getting stuff done Groveland Trail Heads style!

We now have 3 trail projects within our community! The Trail Plan and MOU(Memorandum of Understanding) BananaSeat worked on and completed on her own between us(Groveland Trail Heads) and the Pine Mountain Lake Association was approved by the PMLA Board of Directors! A plan for hiking, running and bicycling trails in unit 16, behind the campgrounds off Ferretti Rd in Groveland/ Pine Mountain Lake :) We’ll start with one trail at time…

Add this to our 500 acre Mountain Bike Destination project which we have already started the preliminary flagging of the trails and the Science Camp Trail, work in progress, at Camp Tuolumne Trails. It’s an amazing feeling to be part of all of this and it’s an amazing group getting this done!

Update on our Big Project…

We are finally starting the preliminary flagging of the mountain bike only trail system IMBA’s Trail Solutions designed! This is the stuff DangerBoy really enjoys as there is so much to see and appreciate in our beautiful forest. Bananaseat, Little Ring, Dilbert, Dilbert’s friend Ben and Cocomo(Big Ring’s, Bananaseat’s and Little Ring’s dog)have been out there too. Sorry we don’t have any pics yet and we’ll get some as soon as we have more help. Hands are full of GPS devices and flagging tape!

Once the preliminary flagging is done we’ll work with a Botanist to review our trail lines and make sure we aren’t anywhere near sensitive plant species. The Botanist will then send a report to the Forest Service’s Botanist to approve the report. The Forest Service’s Botanist is tied up with the Rim Fire Reforestation project and that is completely understandable this is why we’ll(GTH)will provide a qualified Botanist. We’re all hoping that we’ll be breaking ground in the Spring of 2016. Cross your fingers…

Update on Camp Tuolumne Trails- Science Camp Trail

After the Rim Fire I contacted Camp Tuolumne Trails to see if there was anything the Groveland Trail Heads could do to help with the aftermath. After talking with Jerry Baker(owner) we went out to an area that got hit pretty bad from the fire. I know I’ve mentioned all of this before but the fire opened up a seasonal creek that was completely overgrown before the fire.

The plan is to build a trail that goes along the creek and crosses at an incredible rock formation. This will be a trail for the science camps they have as well as a really scenic trail for walking and exploring. Now the awesome news… I finally broke ground and built some actual trail today! I’m so stoked and I’m so sore. Here are some pics of the cool rocky part of the creek and of the trail work, enjoy!

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More Trails!!!!

Working on an initial vision and MOU for building multi-use (bike/hike/run) trails in Pine Mountain Lake for approval by the BOD.
How many of you Grovelanders would like hiking/running/biking trails in Unit 16 (behind the campgrounds)?
These trails would be accessible to all ability levels with nice flow and low to medium grade and just a tiny bit wider than true ‘singletrack’.
The existing roads in the Unit 16 ‘hiking’ area are prohibitively steep so we’re working to add mileage, increase accessibility, and move recreation away from vehicle roads.

Groveland- Mountain Bike Destination; Our presentation to the community, Feb. 21 2015

The event was well-attended by local part and full-timers, over 100 people! And the response was positive. Board members presenting: Dwight Follien(DangerBoy), Ariel Galos(Bananaseat), Ryan Byrnes(KickStand), Justin Nash(Heartbreaker), and Kevin Galos(Big Ring). The presentation ran 45 minutes and covered the vision of the non-profit in terms of trail projects and economic development for Groveland and surrounding area. We presented economic statistics that painted a picture of the potential benefits of trail tourism based on case studies of similar rural communities that invested in trail development.  We also addressed the subject of sustainability as a necessary component of trail development and spoke about how partnering with the USFS, Groveland Ranger District and completing the mandatory NEPA process would address any potential conflicts with soil and/or sensitive plant and animal species.

On display at the event we had a draft map of the proposed project area which includes over 20 miles of single-track mountain bike trails with a beginner skills section and the addition of a multi-use loop.

The event included the screening of the documentary, Pedal Driven-a film documenting the development of sustainable mountain bike trails in several areas of the nation.

Thanks to all who attended! And thanks to all the people who helped with set up and clean up, you know who you are ;)



Exchequer Mountain Bike Park Trail Work Weekend: January 24-25, 2015

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What a great weekend at Lake McClure! The Groveland Trail Heads first “affiliate” the Exchequer Riders Club have an incredible project going on. Here is a quote from Josh Malcolm, fellow TROGS(Trail Riders Of Greater Stanislaus)member and an experienced trail builder- “There are plans on making this accessible for beginners, paracyclists, HS racing and already has some reasonably advanced trails with potential for some nastiness. There are plans for bike repair stations in multiple locations. Want to build a super tight techy trail? Cool. Want to build a trail your mom or daughter could ride? cool. Want to build a teeter totter followed by a bridge and a 30 ft gap jump? cool. Want to build a DH rock decent that may make your friends crap their pants? Cool. Want to build and xc or enduro race course? cool.” Could not have said it better myself…

Keep an eye open for future trail build days and go ride the mountain bike only trails that are already ready to ride.

Here are some pictures from the Trail Work Weekend: Jan.24th- 25th, 2015. There were 20 people on Saturday and 6 people Sunday. In two days we cut 3/4 of a mile of trail!!!

Groveland- A Mountain Bike Destination


Meet the Groveland Trail Heads and learn how this group of cyclists is working to improve the year- round economic potential of Groveland and surrounding communities by creating a World Class Mountain Bike Destination for ALL skill levels to enjoy. We have a lot of support and incredible partnerships to make this happen. We’ll talk about the potential for community benefits and growth, youth involvement, community volunteerism, Forest Stewardship, sustainable trail building, jobs and increases in off season business. Please join us February 21st from 3pm- 5pm at Camp Tuolumne Trails. Our presentation will be followed by a Q & A then a screening of the documentary film Pedal Driven! We’ll have snacks and drinks… this event is free :)

Lot’s of News- Update on Mountain Bike Destination, Groveland and an Exchequer MTB Park, Lake McClure

Merry Christmas, everyone! Hope you all are enjoying this time of year :)

It has been a while since we wrote about our project- Mountain Bike Destination, Groveland- so here is where we are in the process… Back in September we were hoping the NEPA would be completed by Winter 2014. That isn’t going to happen unfortunately but it is understandable. The Forest Service is dealing with the consequences of the Rim Fire. I don’t think I need to remind people how much damage that fire caused. Reforestation is a HUGE project for the Forest Service and takes a lot of personnel, resources and funding. Our 500 acre area suffered no damage thankfully but 50 yards away is a vastly different story. So to still have our project on the table is awesome.

OK, back to the NEPA stuff… BananaSeat, Big Ring, Lil Ring and I(DangerBoy)met with Red Tape recently to discuss progress on completing the NEPA. The issue is that the personnel(Forest Service) needed to complete the process won’t be available for a while. Totally understandable. So what do we do? Well, we are going to work with Red Tape on completing the NEPA. Not going to get into details on this process because it’s a lot of writing! Luckily we have KickStand! He has experience with NEPA stuff and will be our leader for this. No guarantees but we’d like to have this done by April/May 2015. The Groveland Ranger District personnel know we are getting impatient ;)

We are working on a meeting date(Jan/Feb)with the key personnel(District Ranger, Supervisor, etc…)from the Stanislaus National Forest. This will be an opportunity for them to get to know who we are, put faces on the Groveland Trail Heads. We’ll also share our overall vision for more trails for all user groups within the Stanislaus National Forest.

After the meeting with the Stanislaus National Forest Service personnel we are going to have a presentation regarding the economic and community benefits our project will bring. We’ll be inviting a lot of people to this event so stay tuned! BananaSeat has been working hard on the presentation. The presentation will take place at Camp Toulumne Trails. We don’t have a specific date yet as we are waiting for the date to be confirmed for our meeting with the Forest Service. Sometime in February is all we have now but will announce the date as soon as we know.

More news!!!! The Groveland Trail Heads are teaming up with the Exchequer Riders Club. This group has started building a Mountain Bike Park on 700- 800+ acres at Lake McClure! Sweet! We’re working with IMBA on the paperwork stuff, we’ll be the Exchequer Rider Club’s “fiscal sponsor” so they’ll be under our and IMBA’s 501c3 until they are able to become their own IMBA Chapter. Achieving nonprofit status now will help this group get funding, grants and donations for their Mountain Bike Park build- by the way, mountain bike only trails ;)

The Exchequer Riders Club will be hosting a Volunteer Trail Work Weekend January 24th- January 25th for the Exchequer MTB Park at Lake McClure’s Barrett Cove. Details are still being worked out and we’ll post info as it becomes available. Here is a link to their FB Event page-
There is a link on our FB page to their group FB page.

Again, thanks to all the people that have joined the Groveland Trail Heads through IMBA! Your membership helps our club stay alive and as we grow you all will benefit too ;) Last thing… if you’re in the Groveland area during the holiday season or any other time please let us know. We’re happy to share our local riding knowledge!

Groveland Trail Heads

Saturday, October 18th is another Volunteer Trail Work Day!

Volunteers Needed for Trail Work Day on Saturday, October18th

Work will include basic trail maintenance involving brushing, tread repairs, rock work, and water control feature clearing. The project will include hard physical work and volunteers should be in good physical shape. Please show up dressed for working in a remote location by bringing work or hiking boots, a backpack for lunch or snacks, a filled water bottle, insect repellent, sun protection, long pants and a long sleeved shirt. Tools and safety gear such as hard hats, safety glasses, and gloves will be provided. Parents or legal guardians must be available to sign volunteer agreement for volunteers under age 18. All volunteers must meet at the Groveland Ranger Station at 8:00 am and will ride in Forest Service vehicles or car pool to the trailheads. Volunteers will return to the Ranger Station by 4:30 pm. The Groveland Ranger Station is located at 24545 State Highway 120, just west of the community of Buck Meadows. Volunteers are requested to e-mail to sign up.